To go far, go together

Join other founders, designers, and technologists dedicated to tackling our most pressing problems.

Your venture partners

Tony & Ren, Ex Nihila’s Co-Founders, have partnered with founders, investment funds, Fortune 100s, and government agencies to launch new ventures tackling wicked problems.

They bring together Tony’s experience in product design and brand strategy and Ren’s experience in social entrepreneurship and LEAN validation to ensure that your next venture is a success.

Ren Geers

Co-Founder | CEO


Ren is a zero-to-one social entrepreneur with a focus on business strategy, product experimentation, and designing for traditionally underserved audiences. He has built startups and programs to serve people living with dementia, the under-schooled in India, asylum seekers in Latin America, and under-resourced NYC residents.

Tony Alva

Co-Founder | President


Tony is a zero-to-one design leader who works at the intersection of product, brand strategy, and design systems with a focus on accessibility and compliance. He has launched 60+ startups across 5 countries with a cumulative valuation of $180M and created the brand for 50+ organizations.

Our guiding principles

We are stronger together
Technology should work for all of us
We must prioritize societal & environmental needs

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